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By combining Thinsulate™ Insulation FR with the inner and outer fire resistant shell fabrics, the new NorpacR2 fabric was created for outdoor shelters for extreme weather conditions. This revolutionary fabric is extremely insulating, flame resistant, lightweight, and supple at frigid temperatures. The NorpacR2 fabric meets or exceeds the CPAI-84 outdoor tent flame retardant standard. Some of the many applications for NorpacR2 Fabric include:

Outdoor Sports
• Tents
• Ice Fishing Shelters
• Warming Huts
• Hunting Blinds
• Pet Shelters and Kennels
• Vehicle Covers

Industrial and Commercial
• Utility Maintenance Shelters
• Temporary Crew Quarters
• Construction Site Offices and Shelters
• Curtains, Dividers and Enclosures
• Clean Rooms

• Wall Tents
• Engine Covers
• Clean Rooms

• Outdoor Seating Areas
• Outdoor Smoking Areas

Retail Markets
• Outdoor Shops and Stalls


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