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Located in Minnesota, Norpac Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of fire resistant Extreme Weather Outdoor Shelter Fabrics using the latest insulation materials, special coatings, shell fabrics and manufacturing technologies. In an exclusive partnership with 3M, Norpac is combining its materials and manufacturing technologies with Thinsulate™ Insulation to help OEM manufacturers develop new categories of high performance extreme weather outdoor shelters and enclosures for outdoor recreation, utility maintenance, construction sites, vehicles and military applications.

Norpac Corporation offers OEM manufacturers:
• Product design, development, prototyping and testing support for existing or new products using NorpacR2 with Thinsulate™ Insulation from 3M.
• On-shore and offshore sourcing and production capabilities using the latest 3D imaging, CAD and cut & sew technologies.
• Third party independent testing of new products that are required to meet specific industry standards such as CPAI-84.

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