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NorpacR2™ thermal test results show dramatic heat loss dif¬ferences between
an ice shelter made of NorpacR2™ vs. traditional canvas or single ply shelters.
Tests using a 55 foot refrigerated trailer created a controlled sub zero
environment of -10°F with a wind chill factor of -36° F (below zero). A thermal
imaging camera measured the heat loss of the ice shelter made with NorpacR2™
vs. comparable sized shelters with tradi¬tional single ply fabrics. Using the
same 9000 BTU heater in both houses, after only 5 minutes, the NorpacR2™
shelter reached 48°F inside temperature while the single ply shelters reached
only 9ºF ± 1°F – a 39 degree heat loss difference! What’s more, the thermal
imaging camera measured a 34º to 36º temperature difference on the
exterior surfaces of the insulated and non-insulated shelters – significant
heat retention compared to traditional fabrics.

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